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Rob Monster Unveils Ambitious Plans for DigitalTown's SmartCity/SmartWeb Platform
Serial entrepreneur and domain industry veteran Rob Monster, the founder of, believes in going big or going home and his latest plan is VERY big.
DNJournal  -   2/23/2017 6:30 PM
How to park your names on Mailbox Park (in bulk)
The simple process to point your mail to Mailbox Park…if you use GoDaddy. Earlier this month I interviewed Greg Kraios on the DNW Podcast. Kraios is the founder of Mailbox Park, which is sort of like a domain name parking service for your domains’ email. You point your domains’ MX records to Mailbox Park and [… The post How
Domain Name Wire  -   2/23/2017 4:15 PM
Domain Carnival time, Sedo style!
It’s Carnival time in Europe, and the Sedo crew is celebrating in style! Dressed up in a variety of fun costumes, munching delectable buffet delicacies and gulping down fine German beer, the folks at Cologne are having a great time. Here is a small collection of photos, from the Sedo Carnival party! 😀 Copyright DomainGang
DomainGang  -   2/23/2017 4:04 PM
How I Used Estibot’s Bulk Appraisal Tool
Estibot is a somewhat polarizing tool. Some people use Estibot regularly, and some people are vocal about its shortcomings. I would not say that I am a regular Estibot user, but I want to share how I found it to be helpful for me. I was in the process of buying a few domain names from a large portfolio owner. In looking to do an even larger deal, I  -   2/23/2017 2:28 PM
The usual dilemma! What is the best birthday gift? A domain name or a Sonos system?
So here is the usual dilemma that everybody has. (or may be not!) What should you buy your girlfriend or boyfriend as a birthday gift? Should you buy them a domain name or a Sonos system? So I got an inquiry for a last name .com domain and send back a quote. The guy was … The post The usual dilemma! What is the best birthday gift? A domain na
Online Domain  -   2/23/2017 1:48 PM
Never negotiate with the IT guy about domain acquisitions
Many incoming inquiries seem to arrive from a company’s IT guy, and they are outright the least qualified to negotiate with. An IT professional, whether middle manager or lower, is not able to make decisions that involve marketing functions and associated budgeting. While technically a domain name is a digital asset managed by the IT […  -   2/23/2017 12:49 PM
When the value proposition changes you need to reassess
Things change in the domain business all the time, from certain naming categories that go out of favor, to the new hot extension flavor of the month. Registrars and marketplaces change both in terms of policy and in popularity. As a domain investor you have to constantly assess if you are getting what you signed […
Hybrid Domainer  -   2/23/2017 11:33 AM
Don’t mess with the Yeti : Multiple domains lost in UDRP
Yeti is a famous manufacturer of coolers, mugs and other containers, and very protective of its brand. Operating from, the company takes care of online business by often filing UDRPs against holders of infringing domains. We counted 36 UDRP filings in less than one year! Although “yeti” appears to be a generic word, when [̷
DomainGang  -   2/23/2017 11:25 AM
NameJet & SnapNames Hosting “Dominate the Drop” Webinar
I received an email from NameJet about a webinar covering dropping domain names. The free webinar is co-sponsored by NameJet and SnapNames. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 8th at 2pm (Eastern time). You’ll need to sign up in advance to participate in this webinar. Here’s the email, which includes information about what will  -   2/23/2017 11:23 AM
Why Mailchimp Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017; Groupon shares soar after big quarter; Now sites can fingerprint you online even when you use multiple browsers; This Founder Came to America With $900. Two Decades Later, He Took His $240 Million Company Public; How Much Is a 'Shark Tank' Appearance Worth? About $7 Million for This Ent
Frager Factor  -   2/23/2017 11:05 AM
Marlboro maker wants another marijuana domain name
Company claims owner of is cybersquatting. Philip Morris USA Inc., an Altria company that makes Marlboro cigarettes, has filed a cybersquatting complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization. The company is demanding that the owner of hand over the joint. was registered in 2010 and doesn&#
Domain Name Wire  -   2/23/2017 9:59 AM, a domain with a long history, might have just sold
Domain name was deleted in 2013 and registered again in 2015. is an extremely valuable two letter domain name. It’s not just that it’s two letters; it’s also a typo of .com. It’s also a domain name with a unique history. The domain name was registered in 1997 and was deleted in 2013. It’s [… The post
Domain Name Wire  -   2/23/2017 9:36 AM
Daily Domain Picks 2-23-17
Daily Domain Picks 2-23-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 2-23-17 Powered by email marketing is a pretty big niche, a lot of marketers like using terms like guru or ninja so I think this can resell to an end user for a decent price. getting some action, solid name should go […
Hybrid Domainer  -   2/23/2017 6:04 AM
Don’t be afraid to drop some domains, just make sure to do this one thing when you do
This might end up being my shortest blog post of the year, at the same time it emphasizes one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned buying and selling domain names for the last ten years. And yes, the title really does say it all… “Don’t be afraid to drop some of your domain names” Now […
Morgan Linton  -   2/22/2017 10:56 PM
Get em While they Last! NP’er NameClerk Serving up (free) Available .com Lists
I subscribe to several types of threads on NamePros forum and one of them has become quite active in the last few weeks.  Bill E, of has been posting available .COM lists for several years now on his NamePros thread: Get em While they Last! Available .coms. Bill’s posts almost always have a good […
NameTalent  -   2/22/2017 8:12 PM
Another Short .Com Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart But This One is Different
We are used to seeing short .com domains at the top of our weekly sales chart but the one that hit #1 this week is out of the ordinary.
DNJournal  -   2/22/2017 7:44 PM
NASA & ICANN : Intelligent domainers might survive outside of our solar system
Today’s announcement of 7 earth-sized exoplanets merely 40 light years away, was met by jubilation among astronomers, domainers and other technology boffins. Discovering a hospitable environment so far away from home means one thing: domain investing and the new gTLDs can propagate for aeons to come. “A lot of domain investors are in fe
DomainGang  -   2/22/2017 6:40 PM
Sync Media Network : Two great videos shot during NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas
Sync Media Network covers a variety of industry conferences across America, many of which take place in Las Vegas. According to their Facebook page’s statement: “We live cover all conventions and expo’s bringing you the absolute latest in (STEM) Science, Technology, Entertainment, Media.” Videos are shot professionally live,
DomainGang  -   2/22/2017 3:52 PM
Not Responding to an Offer Could Result in a UDRP
I follow UDRP filings and decisions, especially those that involve short, keyword, and other independently valuable .com domain names. One of the things I have noticed is that sometimes companies file UDRP complaints as their “Plan B.” They are willing to buy a particular domain name, but they file a UDRP because the domain owner’  -   2/22/2017 2:35 PM
Full page ads with no domain name? That’s strange.
Why would you spend so much for advertising and not make it easy for people to find you? Over the weekend Bret Fausett posted a picture of a full page ad in the New York Times that didn’t have a domain name. It just had an email address: Someone took a full page ad [… The post Full page ads with no domain name? That’s s
Domain Name Wire  -   2/22/2017 1:42 PM