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Auction Recap, 11th of February 2016
The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 11th of February Auction Quick Recap Some really high prices for 5L pronounceable names today, I think they’re more valuable than the 5L Chips just like 4L pronounceable’s generally are. There’s still some available for hand reg. Maybe they’ll all be liquid soon. Who knows.
Domain Shane  -   2/12/2016 12:52 AM
Verisign Working On Getting Contract To Operate .Com Registry For 10 More Years
In the earnings call today, Verisign (VRSN) announced that it was in “in the final stages of drafting the new Root Zone Maintainer Agreement with ICANN “to perform this Root Zone Maintainer role as a commercial service for ICANN upon the successful transition of the IANA functions.” “To ensure that root operations continue t
TheDomains  -   2/11/2016 11:27 PM
Verisign Expects Higher Non-Renewal Rates From Those 4th Q Domains Reg By Chinese Investors
Verisign reported its earnings for the 4th quarter of 2015 and financial results for 2015. In the earnings call today, Verisign made some interesting comments about that huge volume of .Com domain name registration we saw from Asia the 4th quarter of 2015: Bottom line Verisign expects those domain names registered in the 4th quarter, [… The p
TheDomains  -   2/11/2016 9:24 PM Buying Local Ad Co. Yodle for $342M Which Is About 40% of Its Market Cap (NASDAQ:WEB) announced today it’s acquiring Yodle, a provider of local online ad/marketing services for 50K+ small businesses, for $300M in cash up-front + payments of $20M and $22M at the first and second anniversaries of the deal’s closing date. closed today with an $826M market cap. At a $342 Million dollar purchase p
TheDomains  -   2/11/2016 8:28 PM
Retard dot com : Domain auction suspended at $60,000+ dollars
The Flippa auction for the domain name flew past $60,000 dollars with 3 hours left until its end. Forty bids clearly show that the offensive domain attracts interest, and the current high bid stands at $61,936 dollars. There seems to be a problem, however, as the seller’s account has been suspended. Despite being a [… Copyrig
DomainGang  -   2/11/2016 7:58 PM
Halle Berry wants her domain name
Actress files complaint against owner of Actress Halle Berry has filed a cybersquatting complaint in order to obtain the domain name The case was filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) with World Intellectual Property Organization. The domain name is owned by Alberta Hod Rods, a company
Domain Name Wire  -   2/11/2016 6:13 PM
Slower Week in the Domain Aftermarket - Chalk it Up to the Chinese New Year?
The arrival of the Chinese New Year appears to have been accompanied by a slowdown in buying by Chinese buyers taking a holiday break. Only one domain on this week;s top 20 fits the profile of names that have been popular with hyperactive Chinese buyers in recent months.
DNJournal  -   2/11/2016 5:46 PM
I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about the images that I’ve been posting being unreadable on mobile phones.  I’m not sure why that is, but I went ahead and narrowed this table down so that it would fit on the screen.  This looks good on the desktop site, but I won’t know what it looks like on mobile until I post it and
Domain Shane  -   2/11/2016 4:29 PM
Market Recap 2/11/16 Verisign Reports Earnings Down in After Hours
Market Recap 2/11/16 Verisign (VRSN) reported earnings after the close, the stock was up on the day but is down in after hours. VeriSign, Inc. and subsidiaries (“Verisign”) reported revenue of $273 million for the fourth quarter of 2015, up 6.5 percent from the same quarter in 2014. Verisign reported net income of $102 million […
TheDomains  -   2/11/2016 4:13 PM
Chinese domain sales : Finally, some movement in the horizon
The Chinese domain market has been crawling recently, but that’s not an indication of changing trends necessarily. It seems that the Year of the Monkey has stopped everything in China, from the stock market, to the sales of knockoff Gucci and Hermes handbags. Today, however, we have a higher volume of short domain sales to [… Copyright
DomainGang  -   2/11/2016 4:07 PM
Carman’s Fine Foods is a reverse domain name hijacker
Australian company nailed for abusing cybersquatting dispute policy proceedings. An Australian seller of cereals and granola has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking in a .au Dispute Resolution Policy dispute. Carman’s Fine Foods went after the owner of, whose name is Ross Wayne Carman. Mr. Carmen used the d
Domain Name Wire  -   2/11/2016 1:59 PM saved from UDRP with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding
Imagine using a brand since 1988, a domain since 1998 and being told to hand it over. The Registrant of was served with a UDRP at the WIPO by Carman’s Fine Foods Pty Ltd. of Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. The Respondent, Ross Wayne Carman, is a resident of Australia as well, hence the apparent friction. According [… Cop
DomainGang  -   2/11/2016 1:52 PM
Am I A Domain Name Geek?
I decided last night to watch the Silicon Valley TV show from the first episode. I had only watched 2-3 episodes of the show here and there, mostly on flights. I started watching episode 1 from the first season and … Continue reading →
Online Domain  -   2/11/2016 1:01 PM
Two interesting GoDaddy patent applications
Applications describe system for recommending different domain names for a website, and making it easy to transition. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published two interesting patent applications from GoDaddy related to search engine optimization and localization. Applications number 14/453415 and 14/453418 (pdf) are for “Optimized d
Domain Name Wire  -   2/11/2016 12:52 PM
Hackers Fight For Control Of 150,000 Home Routers; The Beyonce Bounce
Google Bolsters Botnet Defenses In Push To Thwart Ad Fraud; 50-70% of executives fail within 18 months of their appointment. Why? Opera Software acquired for $1.2 billion; Carnegie Deli Reopens After a 10-Month Shutdown; What CMOs Need to Know About Ad Fraud; Why Jeep’s $10M Super Bowl Ad Only Used a Third of the Screen; "Pay to look at a version o
Frager Factor  -   2/11/2016 12:00 PM
Choose a Baby’s Name Based on Domain Availability
It’s a good idea to register your child’s name in a domain name if it is available. This advice is given by people within the domain name business and others, including the Wall St. Journal last year. See if the domain name for your child is still available. Click here to find out: — VERISIGN (@VERISIGN) Fe  -   2/11/2016 10:40 AM
Green domainer planet : Uniregistry joins the Clean Seas Foundation
The Cayman Islands are surrounded by some of the most crystal clear waters in the Caribbean; Uniregistry is proud to call them home. Founder and CEO, Frank Schilling, spoke of a brand new initiative to keep those waters clean. “We’re supporting the initiative of the the Clean Seas Foundation, an organization that will help sustain [R
DomainGang  -   2/11/2016 10:38 AM
Not Quite What You’re Thinking: (Expired Domain Report)
Here are expired domain names that sold within the past week. Here’s something you’re going to see more and more as brands contend with the vagaries of foreign pronunciation and transliteration: ($14.0k). As you must have guessed, that price was based on an electric car company. But it’s not a typo. In Romania, there is
Domain Name Wire  -   2/11/2016 10:01 AM
Go Daddy Auction Picks 2-11-16
Go Daddy Auction Picks 2-11-16 Powered by There are a fair number of today for those looking to add to their portfolio. stands out the rest have a 0 or a 4. not bad for the daily deal space, highly competitive niche but the name can work. is an aged […
Hybrid Domainer  -   2/11/2016 9:31 AM
Sedo Weekly Transactions Total $1million led by
Over the past week, 534 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1m.  57% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: Top .com: at 20,000 USD Top ccTLD: at 3,900 EUR Top “other” TLD: at 4,800 USD Domain name Price Currency [… The post S
TheDomains  -   2/11/2016 9:12 AM