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Daily Domain Sales (1-26-2015): $10,372, $8,450, $5,600
This is the second part of my photo post series: NamesCon 2015: Sessions And RightOfTheDot Auction (photos) Rightside New gTLD Domain Name Renewals Are Much LOWER Than Registration Prices! Go Daddy: “We’re listening, message received” – Superbowl Ad Has Been … Continue reading →
Online Domain  -   1/29/2015 4:42 AM
Want Your Baby To Have A Unique Name ? Do you have an extra $31,000 lying around to pay for it ?
Huffington Post did a story on Erfolgwelle a firm that focuses on giving your baby a unique name. They do all this for $31,000. The article lays out the process and who they bring to the table as far as their staff. From the article: Erfolgswelle is firm devoted entirely to generating unique baby names. […
TheDomains  -   1/29/2015 4:11 AM
Daily Sales Recap 1-28-15 sells for $120,000 on Sedo – Very Busy Day on Flippa
Daily Sales Recap 1-28-15 Busy day all around, the big news was Sedo selling for $120,000. sold on Sedo for $8,500. At NameJet the country auctions ended and sold for $585 to lead the pack, sold for $9,611 and sold for $9,311. Frank Schilling picked up the cheap winner […
Hybrid Domainer  -   1/29/2015 3:49 AM Ranks #1 At The Top Flippa Auctions Of All Time, the viral website that was sold at at Flippa auction for $85,000, broke a couple of Flippa records. It currently ranks number 1 at 2 Flippa all time auction charts. The chart with the all time Flippa auctions with … Continue reading →
Online Domain  -   1/29/2015 2:34 AM
If You Wrote Apple Off, You Must Have Missed Us. Welcome Home! (AAPL)
It's time to give Tim Cook his due. This is Cook's company now and Apple just sold a mind-blowing number of iPhones that resulted in the most profitable quarter in corporate history. Here’s why: Apple’s IPhones Surge Into First-Place Tie With Samsung; Facebook and Ferraris for kid who made 1 of Apple's most popular apps and Apple Is Trading Near It
Frager Factor  -   1/29/2015 12:21 AM
Amazon Child Porn Sting; Apple Posts Record $18 Billion Profit, Sells Record 74.4 Million iPhones
Even with a 1.3 million workers assembling the phones, Apple, that's amazing! Direct to domain: AT&T to Premiere Show on Snapchat Starring YouTube, Vine CelebsCMOs Ranks Social Marketing As No. 1 Technology Investment In Coming Years; Ev Williams: Medium Has Never Done an Ad Deal Based on Impressions; Google Fiber expands to four more cities and.. 
Frager Factor  -   1/28/2015 10:32 PM
Market Recap 1-28-15 down 4% – United Internet up 3% on the day
Market Recap 1-28-15 (WWWW) continued to see selling pressure Wednesday, the stock did start the day off and hit $16.99 but then reversed and closed down 4%. The stock closed off .67 to $15.83. Neustar (NSR) was down over $1 on Wednesday and closed at $26.41 off close to 4%. United Internet (UTDI) the […
Hybrid Domainer  -   1/28/2015 9:04 PM
Big Sale of & Tidal Wave of ccTLDs Flood This Week's Domain Sales Chart
The weekly domain sales report is out at While stole the show with an impressive sale in the NamesCon conference's live domain auction, the ccTLDs also made waves by piling up nine entries on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart,
DNJournal  -   1/28/2015 8:50 PM
Amazon Buys WorkMail (.com??); Apple All-Time High After A Mammoth Earnings Report (AAPL)
How I Got 7 Hot Leads in 24 Hours with Social Selling; Facebook just had its first $10 billion year; Netflix’s Secret Special Algorithm Is a Human; Amazon WorkMail (.com owned by takes On Microsoft And Google For Enterprise Email And Calendars; Take a tour of NFL headquarters, while everyone is away for the Super Bowl... and…
Frager Factor  -   1/28/2015 8:22 PM
Evanson and Wang team brokered KHC dot com for $120 Grand
A solid three letter .com sale was announced earlier today, by Dave Evanson, senior sales & brokerage consultant at Sedo. Along with one of the China-based Sedo brokers, Lijuan Wang, the dynamic duo achieved the sale of for $120,000 dollars. That is one heck of a price for the three letter .com domain, and [… Copyright DomainGang
DomainGang  -   1/28/2015 7:03 PM
Death threat via Domain Name Sales results in FBI report over domain pricing
Just like statements of impending suicide, death threats should always be taken very seriously. A person inquiring about a domain name on Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales, did not like the domain owner’s pricing, and threatened him with physical harm: “Likewise regarding attitude. The default message from the service you’
DomainGang  -   1/28/2015 6:37 PM
.CLUB sells $200,000 domain for $10.99
.CLUB Domains has honored the $10.99 registration of, a premium domain it had hoped to sell for a record-busting $200,000. The registry this week said it would allow registrant Bruce Marler to keep hold of the domain he bought at the base registration fee, even though it was due to be sold as a [… Related posts: .club “will
DomainIncite  -   1/28/2015 6:10 PM
Weekly Domain Brokerage Listings – 1/28
The domain broker submitted listings have been published below. Submissions this week come from Breathe Luxury, Domain Holdings, Sedo, and Media Options. Contact the listing broker if you wish to purchase or discuss a domain name. Visitors are welcome to submit one of their own domain names for sale in the comment section as long as it has a buy it  -   1/28/2015 5:04 PM
.Space Launched Today (here are a few domains registered in landrush)
.SPACE, Radix’s 4th new gTLD, went into general availability today at 16:00 UTC. Radix says that ".SPACE primarily caters to passionate, driven individuals and groups who want to carve out a personalized space online. It is specifically targeted to freelancers, … Continue reading →
Online Domain  -   1/28/2015 4:14 PM
Dot Vegas sells $2m of premiums
New gTLD registry operator Dot Vegas says it has sold over $2 million worth of “premium” .vegas domain names to date. The registry, which went to general availability in September, has also registered 1,000 additional premiums to itself in an effort to drum up more sales. The list is available at the registry’s web site […
DomainIncite  -   1/28/2015 4:13 PM
WorkMail: Amazon new service arrives without first securing the dot .com
Amazon announced WorkMail today, a hosted email service for corporations that aims at competing against Microsoft Office 365. Presented as Amazon WorkMail, the service is a secure, managed email and calendaring solution that would also compete against similar Google offerings. Naturally, Amazon secured – a domain registered
DomainGang  -   1/28/2015 3:46 PM auction ended; who will win the UDRP?
Several risk-takers participated in a last minute battle over the domain name, which was being auctioned publicly at DropCatch. During the final 10 minutes of the auction, a bidding war erupted, sending the price of from $210 to the final bid of $1,650. That bid, placed by someone using the username “afxxy5“, was [&#
DomainGang  -   1/28/2015 3:05 PM
Alert: Stolen domains,, were moved to Ename
No sooner did we announce the declaration of February 1st as National Punch a Domain Thief Day, and a group of domains was reported as stolen. The domains, and were removed unlawfully from their owner’s GoDaddy account, and were transferred to the usual destination: the Chinese domain registrar and auction market place
DomainGang  -   1/28/2015 2:11 PM
NamesCon Extended Auction Heads Into Final Week With Bids on 2 Names Totaling Over $1 Million
The RightOfTheDot Live Domain Auction staged at the NamesCon conference in Las Vegas Jan. 13 generated just under a million dollars in sales. Now the extended online auction is heading into its final week with a chance to add over $1 million more to the total.
DNJournal  -   1/28/2015 1:35 PM
BREAKING: GoDaddy reveals the REAL Superbowl XLIX commercial!
GoDaddy generated a lot of controversy yesterday, by revealing its Super Bowl ™ XLIX video that featured a lost puppy that gets sold online via a GoDaddy customer’s puppy mill business. Soon after, allegedly succumbing to negative backlash from animal lovers, PETA and even Michelle Obama, the GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, called the video a
DomainGang  -   1/28/2015 1:21 PM