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                                                   on Auction at NameJet
The two letter is now up for public auction on NameJet. At present, the high bid is $425,000 and the reserve price has not yet been met. There are 209 bidders involved in the auction, but since it is a public auction, other bidders may jump in and participate. This is the third 2 letter .com domain name that has come up for auction at NameJe  -   9/1/2015 3:19 PM
Does Your Domain Name Define Your Business?
Having a website address which exactly matches your business name is important.  But too many businesses stop there, assuming their domain strategy is set… It usually isn’t.  Including a website address which perfectly describes what you do, in just one word, can be of tremendous benefit in building your online presence. A domain name c
Hybrid Domainer  -   9/1/2015 1:33 PM
Google : New logo gets rid of the serifs
Shocking news this morning, as Google revealed its new corporate logo. The new Google logo inherits the same colors per letter, and gets rid of the serifs it used for years. It also changes its little “g” icon, replacing with a four color “G”. The font family appears to be Relish Pro, according to a […  -   9/1/2015 1:31 PM
Hot in August: Top 5 Stories on Domain Name Wire
A look back at the past month in the domain name biz. It’s back to school, cooler weather and domain name conference season… But before that, August was a news-making month for the domain name industry, in particular the .xyz domain name. I wrote multiple stories on some of the hotter topics, so I’ve grouped […
Domain Name Wire  -   9/1/2015 1:30 PM
FireHost Rebrands As Armor After Purchasing The Domain Name
FireHost is rebranding to Armor after securing the exact match premium domain name and Armor is a cyber security service with a fully integrated secure managed cloud.
TheDomains  -   9/1/2015 1:22 PM
Is This One Of The Best New gTLD Domain Names?
Is this one of the best New gTLD domain names? It probably is even thought you may not see it immediately. It is no secret that one of the largest domain name investors, Innovation HQ, Inc., is buying New gTLD … Continue reading →
Online Domain  -   9/1/2015 1:06 PM
Kylie Jenner & Kendall Jenner Both Get Their Matching .Com Domains
Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner just got control of their matching .Com domain names from a UDRP panel, and respectively Although the UDRP’s were filed separately for each domain and the owner of both domain names are different the UDRP panel of Tony Willoughby consolidated the cases at the Complainants requ
TheDomains  -   9/1/2015 12:58 PM
Kylie and Kendall Jenner get their .com domains via UDRP proceedings
Two separate UDRP cases filed on behalf of Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner’s daughters, Kylie and Kendall, resulted as expected. The domain names and were ordered to be transferred, in UDRPs filed at the WIPO last month. Earlier this year, both Kim and Khloe Kardashian won their respective UDRP cases as well, so t
DomainGang  -   9/1/2015 12:45 PM
.food could be heading for limbo after closed generic applicant wins auction
The future of the .food gTLD is up in the air after single-registrant applicant Lifestyle Domain Holdings won its contention set. The applicant, a subsidiary of Scripps Networks, is the sole remaining .food applicant after withdrawals from Donuts and Dot Food LLC. It’s also a recalcitrant “closed generic” applicant, which continue
DomainIncite  -   9/1/2015 12:42 PM
For Yahoo Alum, Frank Schilling Names The Next Big Thing (again!)
Yesterday we reported on Domain Name Sales House and PowerDeller sales for August, but we have the last minute additions: $31K $21K $28K $13K Venture Investor Mike Rosengarten Previously on @OpenGov @Yahoo ,@Invoca ,@CallWave; BS.CS @UCSB will launch Persista as the cloud's
Frager Factor  -   9/1/2015 11:40 AM
4.CN/RightoftheDot Auction Gets A 7 Figure Bid & 7 More Domains Have Bids Over $100K
The domain name auction that is running on 4.CN that is part of the conference has gotten a seven figure bid and seven more domain names have bids in the 6 figures. You can see all the domain names in the auction here The domain name has a currently high bid of […
TheDomains  -   9/1/2015 10:49 AM
The Top 5 Technologies Changing Customer Experience; Rethinking Work
Apple and Facebook Put Lesser-Known (except for domaining rockstar founder) Factual on the Map; 17-Year-Old Inventor’s Gel Stops Bleeding Instantly And Could Be Available To Humans; Apple Exploring Original Programming Move, Could Compete with Netflix; 'Pope-apalooza' inspires a flood of Francis bobbleheads, mugs… Apple and Cisco partner to make wi
Frager Factor  -   9/1/2015 10:49 AM
6 domain name company stocks are up so far this year
A good year for domain name stocks, especially compared to the broader market. Down market? Not for many domain name companies that have seen their stock prices jump quite a bit so far this year. As of the close of trading yesterday, six of the domain stocks I track are up. Just three are down, […
Domain Name Wire  -   9/1/2015 10:11 AM
Laughable security report labels Google Registry “shady”
A report by security company Blue Coat Systems today denounced new gTLDs as “shady” and recommended organizations think about blocking the “shadiest” ones entirely. The study classified “tens of millions” of domains requested by users of its censorware service according to whether they had content that posed a se
DomainIncite  -   9/1/2015 9:25 AM
BlueCoat Study: Top 10 Shady Sites in New gTLD’s Is Severely Flawed as Unlaunched .Zip is #1
Blue Coat Systems, Inc, an enterprise security company, issued a report today of the 10 new gTLD’s that have the most “Shady Sites” (pdf) concluding that “more than 95% of websites in 10 new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are suspicious” The report is already getting a lot of coverage in the mainstream media but there [̷
TheDomains  -   9/1/2015 9:15 AM Launched by Alan Dunn
Alan Dunn, who earlier this year launched his domain name advisory company NameCorp, has announced the launch of a more personal project, According to the website, was created by Alan “to help share resources, inspirational stores and yes, even some personal moments.” Although the website was lau  -   9/1/2015 8:59 AM
Webinar: Trademark Protection in Adult Domains
ICM Registry is launching the .sex Sunrise phase on September 1, 2015. Several launch programs have been designed to provide trademark owners priority registration opportunities. Here is the complete .sex launch schedule: TMCH Sunrise: Sept 1 to Oct 1, 2015 … Continue reading →
Online Domain  -   9/1/2015 7:18 AM
ICANN finally publishes THAT .africa letter, makes me look like an idiot
ICANN has finally published the letter it controversially drafted for the African Union Commission in order to help it express support for ZA Central Registry’s .africa bid. Having now read the draft letter for the first time, on balance I’d have to say my previous opinions on its contents were more wrong than right. The [… Relat
DomainIncite  -   9/1/2015 6:31 AM
DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Tuesday, September 1st 2015
Ahh September, when the domain market (and the stock) starts to heat up.  Vacations are over, kids in school, and in many places the colder weather sends you back inside.  This summer was not nearly as slow as past years so either fall is going to be huge, or the gun powder is all spent.  If I have to bet, I’m going to say its going to be a g
Domain Shane  -   9/1/2015 6:28 AM
Go Daddy Auction Picks 9-1-15 –
Go Daddy Auction Picks 9-1-15 Powered by A few today, is the only one without a 4. was one I expected to be older, 11 year old domain that I thought would be like 20, is the home of the Apache Software Foundation. and are two of the […
Hybrid Domainer  -   9/1/2015 5:00 AM