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A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on September 27, 2016.  If you would like to submit names to be considered for inclusion in the upcoming October DSAD Namejet auction you can list them here or use the white button at the top right of the page.  The commission is the standard Namejet 1
Domain Shane  -   9/28/2016 2:46 PM VS
The winner….. Donald Trump, because he owns both of them. and represent the combination of last names for both Democrat and Republican presidential candidates and their respective VP nominees. The Trump campaign did not hand register either of these domains, they were both purchased this year.  So, what is prem
NameTalent  -   9/28/2016 2:42 PM
These end users just bought domain names
A flooring company, insurance provider and payments business bought domain names. I don’t have many end user sales to report at Sedo from the past week. This isn’t due to a lack of sales; a higher-than-usual number are still in escrow. Next week I’ll go back and recheck the domains to add them to the [… The post These end us
Domain Name Wire  -   9/28/2016 2:40 PM
The Greatest Domain Stories of all time – Part 1
Today we are going to take a trip back to the past, a time before anyone knew Rosener, Berkens or Schilling. A time when many corporations, especially those outside of the tech sector did not know if they should even grab a domain name. According to Wired Magazine only one-third of the Fortune 500 had registered […
Morgan Linton  -   9/28/2016 2:01 PM
That Sharpening Guy : Dot-Com domains “in the wild”
For more than 20 years, the dot-com era has dressed millions of individual businesses. And yet, we have not reached that critical point where everything has its own domain – that, will be taken care by the gTLDs. 😉 Can’t discount dot com, however, and we keep track of dot .com domains “in the wild” [… Copyright Domain
DomainGang  -   9/28/2016 1:26 PM
Domain name drop catching service for sale for $1,500,000 (Is it Pheenix?)
A domain name drop catching service founded in 2014 is for sale and the asking price is $1,500,000. The service is described as “well-known and highly profitable business in the domain speculation and backordering niche.” with a “proprietary software which secures dropped domains with an impressive success rate.” The company
Online Domain  -   9/28/2016 1:08 PM
It’s Not How You Will Use it But How it Can be Used
I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me that my asking price is too high because of the size of their business or because of their plans for the domain name. It boggles my mind when some people then become rude simply because the price and value of the domain name is beyond their budget. Although most of these inquiries do not mat  -   9/28/2016 12:46 PM
Leaders – Be Known By A Good Name; Uber Self-Flying Drone Taxis Beat City Traffic
The New York Times invests in theSkimm; China's Wanda in Early Talks to Pay $1 Billion for Dick Clark Productions; LVMH's digital drive takes time despite Apple hire; The 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking; The boho-drain: bohemians say goodbye San Francisco, hello LA; Apple adds Sonos speakers to its stores as it focuses on wireless audio; 3 Common
Frager Factor  -   9/28/2016 12:38 PM
CIRA board elections end tomorrow
Domain investor Frank Michlick is on the ballot. Board elections for CIRA (.ca) end tomorrow, and there’s a fellow domain name investor on the ballot. Frank Michlick is running for the member candidate slate. He’s competing against five other candidates for a single spot. Having known Frank for about a decade, I would encourage any [
Domain Name Wire  -   9/28/2016 12:05 PM .Com Is The Choice of VC Backed Startups just published a post entitled “Why .Com is the Venture Capital Community’s Power Player” highlighting the use of .Com by VC backed startups. “In a recent essay, Paul Graham, venture capitalist and co-founder of the Y Combinator seed capital firm said, “The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it […
TheDomains  -   9/28/2016 10:39 AM
Undeveloped revamps marketplace, adds new features and new landing page
Undeveloped is launching today the next big iteration of its marketplace. Undeveloped’s mission is “to professionalize the domain industry and to introduce more liquidity in the market.” I especially like the new “Domain Is For Sale” landing page which includes an option for including VAT tax that is really important f
Online Domain  -   9/28/2016 10:35 AM
For $10,000, Donuts will block hundreds of typos and premiums for your brand
Donuts has announced an expansion of its domain-blocking service that will enable brand owners to cheaply (kinda) block misspellings of their trademarks. Brand owners whose trademarks match “premium” generic strings will also be able to take matching domains out of circulation using the registry’s new DPML Plus service. DPML, for
DomainIncite  -   9/28/2016 10:22 AM
Donuts Launches DPML Plus To Protect Trademarks & 3 Typos for $9,999 For 10 Yrs
The largest new gTLD operator in terms of number of new domain extensions, Donuts Inc. today announced DPML Plus, an enhancement to its existing Domains Protected Marks List product that it developed in partnership with the IP community. Donuts already has the DPML which allows brand owners to protect their marks across all of Donuts’ [… The
TheDomains  -   9/28/2016 10:15 AM
Donuts to offer $10,000 brand protection service
Donuts launches DPML on steroids. Top level domain name company Donuts will offer a new DPML Plus service for the last three months of this year. The service, which has a suggested retail price of $9,999, is an enhancement to the company’s existing Domains Protected Marks List service. The standard DPML allows brand owners to [… The pos
Domain Name Wire  -   9/28/2016 10:08 AM rebrands its domain marketplace, adding new features
Domain marketplace Undeveloped, has announced a number of new features and improvements to its marketplace, including a complete rebranding. Some of these features include the following, according to the information that we were sent: New brand and marketplace to be more appealing to end-users. Increased discoverability of domains listed on our mar
DomainGang  -   9/28/2016 9:52 AM
Huh? UDRP against 21-year-old domain based on 2-year-old trademark is not RDNH
Panelist wimps out on finding that complaint was RDNH. A National Arbitration Forum panelist has failed to make a ruling of reverse domain name hijacking in an egregious UDRP filing. Arthur Yarlett / Graphic-FX filed a UDRP against Michael McGloin / Visual Voice over the domain name McGloin registered the domain name in 1995. [R
Domain Name Wire  -   9/28/2016 9:35 AM
Donuts launches DPML Plus for $9,999 to enhance protections for brands
Donuts Inc., announced today that for three months beginning October 1, it will offer DPML Plus, a three-month promotion that builds on its legacy Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) program. For the first time brand owners will be able to block a premium domain name. That was not possible with standard DPML. Not sure how … The post Donuts la
Online Domain  -   9/28/2016 9:13 AM
Daily Domain Picks 9-28-16
Daily Domain Picks 9-28-16   Go Daddy Auction Picks 9-28-16 Powered by is the name getting the most action today. Already 62 bids and over $2,000. I think this makes for a solid brand. a competitor to Adblock plus ? is a public auction, reserve not met yet. Full List […
Hybrid Domainer  -   9/28/2016 9:12 AM
Angry blogger has a bone to pick with NetSol and GoDaddy
When you own more than one domain, you’re automatically a domainer; if you have 43, you’re a “sophisticated domainer.” In the case of blogger Basil King, the process of having to renew 17 domain names every year became complex, thanks to Network Solutions. Basil changed his credit card but Network Solutions tried to bill the
DomainGang  -   9/28/2016 9:01 AM Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, September 28th
  Had someone hit a BIN at my Efty account because I put in a name at 12,000 and it went through at $12.  Immediately someone saw it and put in a BIN and an escrow request.  It was a great letter and I can’t believe they thought they would really get it but they must have had a little hope that someone didn’t have a clue
Domain Shane  -   9/28/2016 6:12 AM